2015 Ford Taurus SHO redesign

2015 Ford Taurus

There is very little information about the new 2015 Ford Taurus, which is odd because it is expected that the release of this vehicle is set for less than a year now. An assumption is that it will show up in 2014. We think it will have the same platform as Ford Fusion and Ford Mondeo.

2015 Ford Taurus front view


Ford Taurus has had a problem with its interior space. It is expected that it will resolve this problem with the new 2015 Ford Taurus. Talking about the look, we can say it will certainly be more luxurious and more classy. In addition, the exterior design will also be more modern. Considering the rumors and some spy shots, the new 2015 Ford Taurus will have a sleek exterior, its aesthetic appeal is emotional, as well as sporty. It has got more attractive performance. The interior is at a high level of safety, with seats made of the high quality materials. Some of the best technology gadgets will also be available in the new 2015 Ford Taurus. Its increasingly sophisticated technology features emphasize its aesthetic appeal. In the classy cabin, the driver is able to get an easy access to all of the impressive technology functions. Exclusivity and sportiness appeal in every part of the 2015 Ford Taurus interior.

2015 Ford Taurus rear view


The current version of the Ford Taurus is powered by 2.0 liter Ecoboost engine that can reach 240 horse power and 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine that reaches 365 horse power. We only get limited information about what will be used in the new model. That is why we can only assume that the new version will have the same powertrain under the hood.

Competition: Chevy Impala, Toyota Avalon


According to rumors, the new 2015 Ford Taurus will be released in late this year. As soon as Ford announces the exact date, you will be the first to know. We aren’t sure about the price, either. But its previous version’s price was about $27,450 for the base version up to $40,625.

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