2015 Honda S2000 concept and specs

2015 Honda S2000

The 2015 Honda S2000 is impatiently awaited to come out on sale. This new-generation two-seater will probably appear in the streets all around the world in the second part of this year, fifteen years after the previous model hit the market.

Even though we don’t dispose of the exact information when this attractive Japanese will be released, we are convinced that it will be offered with plenty of updates and changes.

2015 Honda S2000 front view

Design of 2015 Honda S2000

The 2015 Honda S2000 is likely to be built on a lighter platform, made of aluminium and steel in order to reduce its total weight and hence, to improve performances. As for the exterior design, this upcoming model will obtain more aggressive and swept-back headlights that will be equipped with LED daytime running lamps. Also, its grille will get more prominent look. What’s more, we expect some changes at the rear part of the vehicle concerning its tailgate. Generally, the Japanese car maker will make this vehicle highly futuristic and modern. However, inside the cabin of the 2015 Honda S2000, there will be just one row of seats, enough only for two passengers. These seats will surely be covered with high quality leather. Furthermore, we hope that this brand-new car will be supplied with lots of cutting-edge features connected to the high technology and safety.

2015 Honda S2000 up view

Engines options for 2015 Honda S2000

Speaking of the powertrain, the 2015 Honda S2000 is believed to be offered with two engine choices. The one is assumed to be a hybrid version equipped with an electric motor. Unfortunately, we still don’t know its performances. Nonetheless, the second engine option will be a 1.5L4-cylinder power unit that will be able to produce 160 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. Its estimated ability to run from 0 to 60 mph is in 6 seconds. As far as the transmission option, the power plants will be coupled to a 6-speed automatic CVT gearbox.

2015 Honda S2000 rear view

Price of 2015 Honda S2000

The pricing of the 2015 Honda S2000 is still uncertified, but we assume that the base model will cost between $35,000 and $38,000, depending on the engine and equipment.

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