2015 Dodge Ram Diesel

2015 Dodge Ram

It is said that this new car is going to be a perfect combination of convenience and function. The new 2015 Dodge Ram is adorable piece and classy design.

There are pretty few changes added to this vehicle. It’s got some upgraded features that we couldn’t  find in its previous model.

2015 Dodge Ram front view


There are quite few improvement added to the 2015 Dodge Ram design. The body design is pretty much the same as the previous model has already got. The cabin is large, the seats are comfortable and soft materials are everywhere. Some new and upgraded features will be set in this vehicle. The new Dodge RAM has upgraded the navigation system, electric power steering and i-provided entertainment. It is expected to be one of the best cars this season. The cabin is more comfortable and it has got a new and improved program to set up to soften the disturbance and shake.

2015 Dodge Ram side view


It is said that the new 2015 Dodge Ram will have Eco-Diesel engine, because it is essential to keep the car powerful and keep the environment safe. The Eco diesel is expected to replace the old diesel engine. The engine which will be used in the new Dodge is the 3 –liter turbo diesel V 6 engine which can develop 240 horse power. It is designed for heavy duty.

2015 Dodge Ram rear view


There were some rumors that the new 2015 Dodge Ram will be released somewhere at the end of this year. But since we haven’t got the exact information about its release date, as soon as we get it, we will be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the right price of the new 2015 Dodge Ram, but we assume that it will cost the same as its previously released model.

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2 Responses to 2015 Dodge Ram Diesel

  1. kelly walton says:

    what kind of mpg are you expecting to get on the new diesel engine 3 ltr.

  2. esther says:

    Does it going to have adaptive cruise control and if not could you order it to have one

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